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Truth Is A Pathless Land by Lane R. Ellis

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Pete Seeger Joins Donovan Playing "Colours" On Pete's "Rainbow Quest" Television Show

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In 1966 Donovan appeared as a guest on Pete Seeger's wonderful television program "Rainbow Quest", and the two played a pure and beautiful version of Donovan's song "Colours" together, as shown in the video clip below. I heard Donovan sing a rousing version of the song live in the early 1980s at a concert he played in Denver, Colorado at the now demolished Rainbow Music Hall. During his appearance on "Rainbow Quest" Donovan mentions Derroll Adams, who was his friend and much older musical mentor.

 During the same "Rainbow Quest" performance Donovan and fellow musician Shawn Phillips showed Pete Seeger and another guest on the program, the Reverend Gary David, how the sitar works, and as shown in the video excerpt below the two demonstrate the then-exotic Indian instrument in a melancholy version of Donovan's "Guinevere."

 In Donovan's autobiography, "The Autobiography of Donovan: The Hurdy Gurdy Man,"1 a book I read a few years back, Donovan writes of "Colours":

"'Colours' was a little number with me on acoustic guitar and a double bass. I had bought a fine White Lady banjo on Cambridge Circus and accompanied myself in the style of Derroll Adams. The harmonica was there again, though this time I sucked blues-style in contrast to the Guthrie 'blow method.'"

What a treat it is to be able to see some of Donovan's early performances on Pete Seeger's unique show.

 1Donovan. (2005). The autobiography of Donovan: The hurdy gurdy man. New York: St. Martin's Press.

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